What do we know about Armenian wine and winemaking?

Armenia is considered the cradle of winemaking. The winemaking skills in the country were already developed as far back as 6 000 years ago. This is well documented by archaeological excavations during which autochthone (indigenous) grape stones and dishes were found.

Today, the ancient traditions are combined with modern technology and innovative solutions. Wineries in Armenia have long defied the classical formats, growing into unique tourist sites featuring vineyards and plants, as well as cozy restaurants and hotels. Here you can hold different events.

As for the very Armenian wines, here you will be offered a wide variety and high quality. Armenian wines long been acknowledged by the expert community in international contests and festivals.

Go2Armenia suggests visiting Old Bridge, Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Hin Areni, Voskevaz, Armenia Wine and Armas to discover the secrets of winemaking, learn the Armenian winemaking history and take part in tasting.

Old Bridge Winery, Bed & Breakfast is located in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. The company produces red and white dry wine. The main grape varieties are black Areni, Voskehat and indigenous variety Kakhet.  There is a guesthouse next to the vineyard where you can taste wines and Armenian traditional cuisine.

The history of Trinity Canyon Vineyards dates to 2009. Trinity wines are filled with the faith of Armenian winemakers, traditions and legends. The vineyards are located in Vayots Dzor region. Winemakers work with French varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnet (grown in Armenia) as well as many local wines. Nowadays, it’s one of the three Armenian wineries which experiment with wines fermented and seasoned in karas amphoras.

Hin Areni Wine wineries are located in Vayots Dzor region and the plant itself is not far away from the legendary Areni winemaking village. The company regularly takes part in PRODEXPO in Moscow. According to experts, Hin Areni is an authentic classical dry wine produced since 2007.


Voskevaz Wine Time is one of the oldest enterprises in Armenia, founded in 1932. The plant is located in Aragatsotn region. The wines are made of indigenous Armenian varieties. Some vines are around 70 years old. White dry wine of this brand stands out with its aroma and taste with the hues of dried fruit, species, vanilla and oak. The red wine has unforgettable bouquet which comes with chocolate, ripe cherry and species.

Armenia Wine Company has repeatedly been awarded prizes at international expos. The wine quality was praised with gold and silver medals, and the red semi-sweet wine was recognized the best product at PRODEXPO in 2012. The wine production is based on traditional Armenian winemaking methods, mixed with innovative solutions. The company offers a wide variety of wines – white, red and rose dries, semi-dries and semi-sweets. Armenia Wine production is exported to the U.S., Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

ArmAs Wines started production in 2007 under the supervision of Emilio del Medico – an Italian winemaker. All the wines are produced of exclusively Armenian grape varieties which are processed in a modern winery meeting international standards. The assortment of the wines has already reaped a rich harvest of medals, among which are the gold medal at Mundus Vini and silver at Decanter.




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