Go2Armenia | AMREST
  • Company: AMREST
  • Number of guests: 9
  • Event format: Incentive trip

Weather in Armenia is wonderful even in autumn, and the season of juicy vegetables and fruits is in full swing. This is the season top management of the largest restaurant chain in Central and Eastern Europe (AMREST) chose to visit Armenia. It was hard indeed to surprise the food experts, but Go2Armenia managed to do that. The guests were offered a dinner at Areni Wine Art wine house, in Areni village, where they tasted homemade wine and Armenian national cuisine. Our guests baked famous Armenian lavash themselves in a village tonir (tandoor). Guests also visited ArmAs Winery where they tasted ArmAs wines and the delicious cuisine by the local head-chef – fish delicacies from the Lake Sevan and many others. And, of course, program also included unforgettable Armenian sights - Khor Virap monastery with a magic view on Mount Ararat, the world longest aerial tramway Wings of Tatev and the 9th-century Tatev monastery complex where they flew on a helicopter. The trip was ended with a walking tour in Yerevan.

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