Armenia & Yerevan

Armenia and Yerevan offer ideal locations for your corporate events. In addition to bringing your team closer together or showing off your latest products, you’ll also be able to touch the rich history and unique atmosphere of our ancient country.

  • Hotels. Some of the leading hotel chains are at your service in the nation’s capital, including Marriott, Hyatt, Radisson, Hilton, Royal Tulip and Best Western. The majority are just a few short steps from each other, allowing you to comfortably bring groups of up to 800 people​

  • Restaurants. Armenian, European and Asian cuisine is on offer throughout the capital. Many restaurants also offer al-fresco dining with stunning views allowing to serve luxury banquets and gala dinners.​

  • Conference halls. Yerevan has a wide selection of venues for your conference, congress or presentation.​

  • Widespread Russian and English languages. In Armenia, you will have no problem speaking either Russian or English.​

  • Unique sightseeing. There are numerous one-of-a-kind natural and historical attractions, in and around the capital, such as the Hellenistic temple of the sun god in Garni, or the Geghard cave monastery and Sevan lake up high in the mountains.

Yerevan is a city where the past lives harmoniously with the present. It is a modern vibrant city with abundant amenities, yet steeped in ancient history.

  • Well-developed hospitality industry. You can find a wide selection of the most modern hotels, restaurants, cafes and jazz clubs, with European level service.​

  • Historical legacy. Armenia’s capital is one of the world's oldest cities, with a rich history and unique atmosphere. Yerevan was founded by Argishti I, the king of the ancient state of Urartu, and was founded in 782 BC, 29 years before Rome.​

  • Modern art. Yerevan has numerous art museums and galleries, presenting work from the 20-21st centuries, and dotted around the capital’s streets are works from some of the world’s best contemporary sculptors.

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