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Summer is coming soon! On June 1, first summer day, our sunny and hospitable capital Yerevan will host the first Gastro Day. On that day you can taste special dishes of Armenian and international cuisines, various alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and enjoy entertainment program in the leisure areas.
Agritourism has been actively developing in Armenia for the past years. To promote it even more, the so-called “Gastro Yards” are opening in various corners of the country. This new format enables tourists to taste local dishes typical for each community, feel the atmosphere and hospitality of the villagers and savour delicious wines.
Armenia is developing as a tourism destination with a yearly expanding number of guests and tourists visiting the country. Last year, Armenia hosted over 684 thousand Russian tourists. Georgia is the second with 314 thousand, while Iran is the third with about 160 thousand visitors.
Artsakh hagani, a local dish served in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic), won in the nomination the Best National Dish at Culinary Taste of Culture international expo which is held for already fifth time in Egypt. Artsakh hagani is an old dish made of chicken, butter, flour, raising, fruit, greens and spices.
Gyumri, the second largest Armenian city has a special flair, and now it boasts a new unique museum. 90% of exhibits featured here are made of paper, the majority being musical instruments. Miniature copies of these exhibits are 80-100 times smaller than the originals.
CNN Travel included Armenia in the list of the countries in the world with the best hiking trails. The list also includes such popular tourism hubs as the UK, Spain, the U.S. and Japan and 17 others. The magazine highlights that though easily overlooked by tourists, the country boasts one of the best walking trails in Europe.
Together with Assyria and Babylon, Armenia is depicted on the oldest map in the world dating back to the 6th century BC. It’s a clay plate with geographical images of these three countries, found in the 19th century in the territory of Iraq.
Armenia is one of the few countries with drinkable water supplies. Strolling in Armenian cities, you can easily spot pasersby drinking from these drinkable water fountains – poulpoulaks.
Yerevan abounds with museums and galleries. Recently, another cultural venue has opened here - Ter-Ghazaryans' Micro Art Museum.
Go2Armenia together with 11 other Armenian tour companies took part in ITB Berlin 2019.
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