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Mice Connections 2019 - one of the key business tourism events was hold in Moscow. We are happy to announce that Go2Armenia is also represented among the exhibitors. Participation in Mice Connections enables companies to discuss prospects in the field, exchange experience and, of course, conclude new contracts. Annually, the event hosts over 400 MICE industry professionals.
The Hell's Canyon аn intriguing name, isn’t it? Rocky maroon slopes of the gorge, caves and valleys and inspiring landscapes – this is all you need for full relaxing time in nature. The Hell's Canyon is located in southeast Ararat region, not far away from Yerevan. This breathtaking site, a popular destination among extreme tourism lovers, is 8km long and 100-400m deep.
Well-preserved Armenian petroglyphs are perhaps one of the vivid displays of our ancestors’ talent and creativity. Majority of these rock carvings back to the 5-2 millennia BC. So, what were our predecessors curious about and what information did they strive to pass on to us? The main topics of petroglyphs throughout the whole territory of the Armenian Highlands is livestock, felines, hunting and farming.
Armenia is a greatly attractive country for history and culture tourism lovers. We have so many castles and fortresses of early and late Middle Ages! One of them is Tapi Berd (Tapi Fortress) which is also called in honour of the 10th century famous Armenian commander Gevorg Marzpetuni. The fortress was founded in the first decade of the 10th century.
The second global flashmob “Ari Pari Kochari” (“Let’s dance kochari”) will be held on May 25. On this day, all the people are welcome to join the flashmob and dance kochari – national Armenian dance. It should be noted that in 2017, the dance was inscribed in the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Armenia is a treasury of ancient architecture, culture and art. It’s no mere chance that the country is dubbed as an open-air museum. However, apart from ancient pearls, Armenian major cities are home to modern museums and galleries, which will be free for public on May 18, the Museum Night. Overall 110 museums of Armenia and Artsakh will join the event.
Good news for those who’ve always wanted to make authentic Armenian tolma by themselves!  On May 19, Armenia will host one of the tastiest festivals for already the ninth time – Tolma Festival. You’ll be able to savour 100 varieties of this traditional dish – tolma wrapped with grape, cabbage, cherry and nettle leaves, stuffed with meat, peas, beans, lentil, nuts and other ingredients.
Popular online magazine Bloomberg recommends tourists change the way they view Armenia - grab their backpack or suitcase and hurry up to visit the country. Armenia is indeed becoming an original and authentic tourism destination. The article features top sights you need to see in Armenia and lays out interesting facts about the country.
Summer is coming soon! On June 1, first summer day, our sunny and hospitable capital Yerevan will host the first Gastro Day. On that day you can taste special dishes of Armenian and international cuisines, various alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and enjoy entertainment program in the leisure areas.
Agritourism has been actively developing in Armenia for the past years. To promote it even more, the so-called “Gastro Yards” are opening in various corners of the country. This new format enables tourists to taste local dishes typical for each community, feel the atmosphere and hospitality of the villagers and savour delicious wines.
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